Enjoy your summer break!

As the school year comes to a close and the warmer weather hurries around the corner, we are seeing the need for us all to enjoy and capitalize on the (momentary) end of mandates and reopening of our favourite businesses, events, and locals.

The last 10 months have seen some of the most dedicated students come together across our great province to raise awareness of the abuses we have faced for choosing to control our own bodies and health decisions.

Don’t worry, we are not going anywhere. Our podcast, narrative changers, and other projects will continue to help keep you informed over the summer!

Over the next three months our admins will be hard at work developing new projects and coming up with ideas on how to continue our advocacy for the next generation that will face these mandates once more in the fall. We hope you all enjoy this wonderful summer and connect with us for the future resistance by getting involved here.

We are
Concerned Students of .

Standing for your rights and freedoms against unethical university & college policies.

Our Future.
Our Responsibility.

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Ways you can stand up

Engaging Your Community

Regularly engage in conversation with your fellow students, staff, and professors. Meet on your university or college campus and join in spreading awareness about the discriminatory effects of the mandates.

Drop by one of our existing events to find out more and share your perspective.

Find local events.

Using Your Voice

Collaborate with your peers and execute letter-writing campaigns to your respective schools or unions. Express why these mandates are unjust, unreasonable, and how you have been impacted by them.

Connect with like minds.

Refusing to be Invisible

Be present on your campus and make a statement! For things to change, we must show up and live normal lives—without adhering to unjust policies.

Ask yourself, what is really stopping you?

Be visible.


Principles for our fight

Students, Staff, Faculty, and Concerned Parents;

We at Concerned Students of Ontario are actively seeking the end of Ontario’s Ministry of Colleges and Universities’ vaccination mandate and the related policies put forth by our post-secondary institutions. To achieve this end, together, we must hold ourselves to strong principles and convictions in our fight for what is right. We want to ensure that everyone understands our collective philosophy so that we can work together efficiently, effectively, and persistently. This philosophy stands true for all our members, but never limits those who may have strayed from this philosophy in the past. We hope everyone, including students, staff, faculty, and their supportive families will uphold this philosophy in our fight ahead.

Concerned Students of Statement of Philosophy

We understand the acceptance of accommodations or exemptions is an abandonment of what we are fighting for. This fight is bigger than our personal situations, and there is no escaping the long-term consequences of short-term thinking against the issues we seek to solve.

The acceptance of accommodations, exemptions, testing, educational videos, face coverings, academic accommodations, etc., indicates that we accept the premise of being second-class citizens. We must all remember, we do not need permission or special treatment to exist and partake in society.

Furthermore, accommodations mean that we accept the premise that we are ill and do not know, nor understand, our own bodies and minds. Contrary to what our governments, medical professionals, businesses, schools, and even our complicit neighbours would have us believe, we do know our own bodies better than anyone else. We must not leave what happens to us in their hands.

Josephine Ieraci, Founder;
Bethany Brown, Student Leader;
the CSONT Administrative Team

Our Future. Our Responsibility.

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Common questions asked by students, staff, and faculty

I’ve received a reminder to disclose my status. How should I respond?

You will find that most of these are automated emails; there is no requirement to respond. Proceed as normal, but be informed of what they say.

If you have a personal email specifically about you and your situation, or are receiving phone calls, contact us.

My school is threatening deregistration or expulsion if I don't disclose my status or apply for an exemption. What should I do?

Never disclose your status—private medical information—nor apply for an exemption. Our post-secondary institutions continue pushing the deadlines back.

Remember: take screenshots of your schedule, registration, and invoices to prove that you were enrolled and paid your tuition.

If you are removed reach out to us.

I've been deregistered from my in-person classes. I can't go to school anymore. How do I proceed?

Being deregistered from classes does not affect your status as a student. If your school hasn’t refunded you, keep going to your classes. You are a paying student, so you are not trespassing, regardless of their threats. Be prepared for confrontation, always be respectful, and be confident in your position.

If your school removes you from campus, makes harsher threats, or refuses to refund you, let us know so we can help.

I need help to graduate or attend classes, should I ask for an exemption or accommodation? Can you help?

Exemptions and accommodations do not guarantee your ability to graduate or attend your classes, and they are rarely accepted. In some cases where they have been granted, we have seen both exemptions and accommodations revoked.

To help solve the issues we are facing, we must avoid seeking permission and enabling further segregation. You are not dangerous or a second-class citizen. We encourage you to take a stand, and you can do so by practicing our actions.


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